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Birlea Jasmine Single Bed Frame

The best price found for Birlea Jasmine Single Bed Frame was £119.99. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £119.99. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £119.99. Prices were last updated on Friday, May 24, 2019*. If simplicity and minimalism is what catches your attention, there is no way you can get your eyes off this elegant Birlea Jasmine Metal bed Frame. Available in pink and cream shades, this marvel of simplicity and class is set to go with almost any contemporary single bedroom decor. Not only is it irresistible to look at with fine detailing in its headboard and footboard as well as crystal tops adorning its all four posts, it also offers undeniable comfort and luxury with its sprung slats. This is what makes the Birlea Jasmine Metal bed Frame extremely beautiful as well as practical. Dimensions Single Width 91.3cm, Length 198.7cm, Height 117.2cm, Double Width 141.3cm, Length 198.7cm, Height 117.2cm,

Best Price Found: £ 119.99 from HomeArena